Hubble Scope Is A Big Fat Lie – The Hubble Hoax

Hubble can see planets and Kepler can even identify earth-like planets orbiting the most distant stars, but neither can seem to take any interest in reconnoitering our NEAREST STAR SYSTEM – ALPHA-CENTAURI!


Because Hubble and Kepler are frauds.

Either they aren’t really deep space telescopes, or they are both a façade to justify more black budget spending.

This is why Hubble and Kepler DARE NOT look at Alpha-Centauri.

It doesn’t because it can’t.

It can pull frauds involving the ends of the Universe because nobody can prove it wrong one way or the other.

But it can’t look at Alpha-Centauri because too many other countries in the near future might soon be taking a close look at that sector, building their own telescopes and confirming that Hubble…is a BIG FAT LIE!

So Hubble and Kepler continue to look longingly and dreamily at the farthest reaches of the universe, supplying us with what probably amounts a a plethora of made up computer-generated images…while our own back yard remains a total mystery.